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Clerk: Kate Barker
Springside House, Scotland
Lane, Burton Overy, Leicester

Tel: 07827 797125

Volunteers Needed

1. Leicestershire Local Access Forum - Your local footpaths

A research project is being initiated by the Leicestershire Local Access Forum which may be of interest to parishioners.

Leicestershire has a good network of footpaths, not all however fully registered and protected and those not recognised as public by the highway authority could cease to exist on January 1st 2026. There are missing links in the official network, some walked today but others not evident on the ground

The project is to identify such routes in Leicestershire which are still, or could be, of public benefit, and prepare the necessary claim based on historic evidence that they are indeed a highway, and who is entitled to use them. Finding such evidence means checking Historic Maps, Enclosure Awards, Tithe Maps, 1910 Inland Revenue Valuation Maps, Railway and Canal Plans, Estate Maps, and even Sale Particulars for individual properties - Leicestershire Local Access Forum are building a library of digital records which will be made available to researchers, along with lists of useful websites to allow much research to be carried out at home but visits to the county record office can help.

Leicestershire Local Access Forum has the full backing, with financial support, of Leicestershire County Council and various user groups to pursue these aims, but the task is too immense for their limited resources. Any involvement, however small, can help and parishes in their own records may find references to footpaths and bridleways, and such a 'tip-off' could be the key to a full research exercise.

A meeting has been arranged when anybody at all interested can attend and learn more without any commitment. The meeting is at 7.30 at Park House, home of Glenfield Parish Council (Stamford Street, LE3 8DL) on November 6th. If you wish to come along and see if you wish to get involved you will be most welcome. It would be helpful if you could notify us in advance of numbers, but pre-booking is not essential.

For more information about the LLAF visit www.leics.gov.uk/laf . Enquiries can be addressed to any of the email addresses given below:


Roy Denney, Chairman, LLAF Planning & Travel Committee roydenney@hotmail.com

Stan Warren, Chairman LLAF Unrecorded Ways Committee stanwarren23@gmail.com

2. National Plant Monitoring Scheme

The third season of the National Plant Monitoring Scheme is well underway with volunteers up and down the country going out to visit their squares. We now have over 1100 volunteers taking part as well as a network of 20 NPMS Mentors.

Results from 2016:

Our latest newsletter is available: http://www.npms.org.uk/sites/www.npms.org.uk/files/newsletters/NPMS_%20Newsletter_Spring2017_FINAL_v2_0.pdf

The NPMS dataset is freely available via the NBN Atlas.

More help please:

There are still lots of squares available for surveying. The live map on the NPMS website shows the squares that are available: http://www.npms.org.uk/square-near-me-public?dynamic-return_all_squares=true

Who we are and what we need:

This scheme is a partnership between Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI); JNCC; Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and Plantlife and is backed by the government. The scheme will recruit and support volunteers to survey 5 plots in a kilometre square close to where they live. The plots will be surveyed twice a year. The kilometre squares to monitor have been identified by stratified random sampling. The plants have been chosen as indicators of the health of individual habitats. There are 3 levels volunteers can participate at depending on confidence and knowledge and support will be provided both through training; web and telephone.

3. Community Champion

Volunteers are needed to help transform the lives of older, isolated people. VASL are a local community charity based in Market Harborough.

Would you like to become a Community Champion?

To find out more

Or visit www.vasl.org.uk

4. Tree Warden Initiative

Tree Wardens are volunteers appointed by their parish council to:

  • be a contact and support for all things tree related in their local area;
  • protect trees by reporting on early signs of pests, disease and vandalism;
  • gather information, survey and record information about trees important for wildlife or heritage in their parish;
  • help look out for opportunities to plant more trees in the local community, enhancing the environment for parishioners;
  • help find the money to fund local tree planting projects, e.g. The Tree Council have grants only available to Tree Wardens;
  • get involved in campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of trees.

The Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative that enables people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods. The scheme has its roots in Leicestershire, being one of the first counties where Tree Wardens were appointed. Nationally, the scheme was founded and is co-ordinated by The Tree Council. Leicestershire

In order to reach all 8,000 volunteer tree wardens across the nation the Tree Council rely on the support of local networks which are led by local coordinators. Stepping Stones Project Officers, based at Leicestershire County Council, act as the local network coordinators for all Tree Wardens in the County. They provide technical training for Tree Wardens and support through advice about projects they might be involved with. Parish/Town Councils are responsible for the day to day management of their volunteer tree wardens.

For more information about the tree warden scheme and how it could benefit Burton Overy please see the leaflet here

Tree Warden leaflet

or contact the Stepping Stones Project at Leicestershire County Council on 0116 3057264 / 0116 3057221 or email steppingstones@leics.gov.uk