Burton Overy Parish Council

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Clerk: Kate Barker
Springside House, Scotland
Lane, Burton Overy, Leicester

Tel: 07827 797125

Verge Maintenance

Leicestershire County Council - The 2020 grass cutting season is not yet underway.

The urban grass cutting programme will commence in April. The programmed frequency of cuts will be a continuation of the previous season and Burton Overy has a minimum of 6 cuts.

The rural grass cutting start date is also provisionally programmed to commence in April. The tractors will work their way round the County carrying out a single 1m swathe along straight roads and cut further back at junctions and bends in the road. It takes 6 weeks to complete each cut of the County and there are 3 programmed cuts this season.

The grass cutting webpage is www.leicestershire.gov.uk/grass-cutting and includes an interactive map displaying cut date information. Please use this map to find out when the grass verges in your village are being cut! LCC aims to be there within 5 working days of the date shown.

Did you know? LCC doesn't cut areas where daffodils grow for the first 2 cuts, if daffodils are mown too soon they won't grow back next year so they are purposely left until the leaves turn yellow/brown.

The FAQ section on the website answers the most common questions; however, should you have any further questions or queries please send them to customerservices@leics.gov.uk