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'Preserve the Pasture' (Banks Field)

Our recent campaign to preserve Banks Field as open space for future generations of Burton Overy residents

Looking past the Telephone Box Book Exchange towards Banks Field on Main St in Burton Overy

Banks Field on Main St in Burton Overy

In May 2012 this small (0.59 acre) area of pasture land at the junction of Main Street and Back Lane was advertised for sale by Fisher German, Estate Agents.

We agreed in the village that this particular piece of undeveloped land (now known as Banks Field), which enjoys 'important open space' status, should remain in its then state as an essential part of what makes Burton Overy such a lovely place. As noted by the government inspector when determining the 1993 planning appeal on Spring Field, the presence of farmed agricultural land within the village, and the particular relationship of that land to the rest of the village, is one of the key defining features which contributes to Burton Overy's unique character and attractiveness as a place to live.

At an Annual Meeting of Burton Village Land Limited a decision was taken to make an offer to purchase this pasture, and to seek support from fellow village residents to raise the money required by the sale of further share capital at £250 per share.

Our Director Brian Pollard spear-headed the campaign to galvanise the community into action. Having had tremendous support in principle for the proposal, we sought an indication of the number of shares in Burton Village Land which villagers would be prepared to purchase at £250 per share to enable us to re-finance the company, to purchase the land, and thereby to protect our heritage. Only residents of the parish were eligible to own shares, as explained on the company's main page (see link below).

We were keen to have as large a number of shareholders as possible - all from within the parish of course - feeling that this would help to minimise the chances of the land ever being sold or developed.

We were delighted to be able to complete the purchase of the pasture, now known as Banks Field, in September 2012, with the assistance of a generous loan. Subsequently, as pledged, around 60 households purchased shares, which was over 50% of the households in the village. It was a wonderful response, and enabled us to repay our loan in full.

Acting Chairman Brian Pollard said "If you purchased shares, then we thank you for your community spirit, commitment and support to help save this iconic piece of land for future generations of residents. Had it been purchased by a private individual then there could have been no guarantee that, down the line, it was not developed. Only its ownership by the community, the shareholders of Burton Village Land Limited, will ensure that its future will be determined by you, the residents."

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