Burton Overy Parish Council

Serving the people of Burton Overy


Clerk: Phil Woodward
9 Lloyd George Avenue
Kibworth Beauchamp, Leics

Tel: 07827 797125

Previous Winners

Winners 2018

1st Louisa Rawlings and Zoe Williamson with It's blooming Christmas!!
2nd Barbara Lloyd with While Shepherds Washed their Socks by Night!
3rd Dianne Delahooke with A Lava-tree

Junior Entries

1st Lottie King aged 12 with Festive Fiesta!
2nd George, Arthur and Charlie Barbour with Farmer Christmas
3rd St Cuthberts Primary School with Christmas Truce

Winners 2017

1st Rachel Margetts with a Merry Christmouse
2nd The Burton Overy Quilting and Sewing Group with The Little Christmas Festival
3rd Sally Muir with Tree-Cycled Christmas


1st George & Arthur Barbour with Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
2nd Laurie King with Have a Crate Christmas
3rd Stoneygate School with Afternoon Tea at Stoneygate

2016 Festival

1. We Adoor Christmas by The Broughtons
2. Haber-dash-a Tree be Louisa Rawlings and Zoe Williamson
3. Christmas Broccoltrees by Barbara Lloyd

Junior Section

1. The more it snows tiddley pom pom by Laurie and Lottie King
2. Leicester CiTree by Stoneygate school pre-prep
3. Christmas Boxed Up by St Cuthberts C of E Primary School, Great Glen

The Nominated Charity for 2016 was the Aplastic Anaemia Trust.

2015 Festival:

1. Let there be light (bulbs) !! by Zoe Williamson and Louisa Rawlings
2. From Rags to Riches by Lizzie King
3. Snowy by The Old School

Junior Section

1. You Shall Go To The Bauble by St Cuthberts C of E Primary School, Great Glen
2. We're Dreaming of a Lego Christmas by Thomas, Edward & Oliver Baldwin
3. The Force Awakens by Cockerill Family

2014 Festival

1st Look Out! Look Out! Jack Frost is About by Burton Overy Sewing Group
2nd Wishing you a Mary Berry by Christmas Louisa Rawlings & Zoe Williamson
3rd Whilst (Burton Overy) Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Sue Tuxford

Junior Section

1st Oh What a Corker! by by Laurie & Lottie King (Age 9½ & 8)
2nd Lost & Found this Christmas St Cuthbert's Primary GG (Age 4)
3rd The Frozen Tree by Anna & Lola Cockerill (ages 8 & 9)

2013 Festival

1st Quite Quickly Quilted by Burton Overy Sewing Group
2nd Tree of Knowledge by Heather and Angus Mackinnon
3rd Yule Logs by Craig and Nicola Langton

Junior Section

1st The Enchanted Forest by Stanley, Anna and Olivia Cockerill (ages 11, 8 and 6)
2nd Stoneygates Lav-a-tree by Stoneygate School (7 and under)
3rd We're having a "CRACKING" Christmas by Laurie & Lottie King (Age 9½ & 8)

2012 Festival

1st Wild Floristree by Sandra Page and Sue Tuxford
2nd WARNING—This Tree may contain Nuts by Lizzie King
3rd Come in and have a nice CUP OF TREE by Katy and Nicola Langton

Junior Section

1st Mr and Mrs Christmas by Lottie (age 6) and Laurie (age 7¾) King
2nd A Windy Christmas by Stoneygate School Pre-Prep (7 and under)
3rd Great Expectations by The Cockerill Family

2011 Festival

1st The 'Lucky' Yew Tree by Andrew Moyes
2nd Made in Burton Overy by Fawcett and Hawes Ceramics
3rd I'm a Celebritree - Get me out of here by Lynn Bayliss

Junior Section

1st Sliding into Christmas byCameron Masters (age 11)
2nd Darth Moose by Harriet & Freddie Gill (9 & 8)
3rd Stoneygate School Cane Candy
Christmas by Stoneygate School

2010 Festival

1st The Cyril Tree by Margaret Lee
2nd The Lost Sock Tree by Doreen and Judith Randall
3rd All Wrapped Up by Louisa Rawlings and Zoe Williamson

Junior Section

1st The Kindling Tree by Eleanor Broughton
2nd Strictly Moose by Harriet Gill
3rd Planes, Trains and Automobiles by Henry Broughton

2009 Festival

1st Christmas Pudding by Louisa Rawlings & Zoe Williamson
2nd Carpen-tree by Mark Firth & Sarah Court
3rd Have a Fruit-full Christmas! By Sally Armstrong & Lizzie King

Junior Section

1st Darth Christmas by Stanley Cockerill
2nd Silver Tree That Didn't Cost the Earth by Eleanor Summers
3rd I'm a Christmas Pudding, What Have You Come As? By Laurence & Lottie King