Burton Overy Parish Council

Serving the people of Burton Overy


Clerk: Phil Woodward
9 Lloyd George Avenue
Kibworth Beauchamp, Leics

Tel: 07827 797125

Footpaths (Rights of Way)

Leicestershire County Council is the responsible authority for the Rights of Way network.

Burton Overy Parish Council works to protect public rights of way within the parish.

The Ramblers Association provides useful guidance on this:

The definitive map is the official record of the public's rights of way in an area. Just like the deeds to a house prove who the owner is, the definitive map proves that the public has a right to use the paths which are shown on it.

By claiming a right of way we mean getting it recorded on the definitive map. Once a right of way is on the definitive map it's easier to protect it and ensure it can be enjoyed by walkers.

More information and details of local footpaths can be found in The Ramblers Association website: www.ramblers.org.uk

The Countryside Code

There are seven working farms within Burton Overy parish. The welfare of animals and livelihood of farming families relies on the consideration of visitors who use footpaths and bridleways.

The Countryside Code offers guidance on the responsibilities for visitors to the countryside and those who manage the land.

Sheep Worrying

It's not just the injured that suffer

When dogs chase sheep, they are placed under stress (even if they are not bitten), and this can have several effects:

  • they may die later that day or later that week from shock
  • they may abort their lambs
  • they may be too stressed to conceive
  • some just lie down and won't get up again

Sheep worrying is a crime and anyone witnessing dogs attacking or chasing sheep should report this to the police.


Local landowners can also join Rural Watch details of which can be found here: https://leics.police.uk/categories/rural-watch