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Clerk: Phil Woodward
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Kibworth Beauchamp, Leics

Tel: 07827 797125

Food Bank Collection

Burton Overy Parish Council and our local church would like to start directly supporting two local food banks: South Leicester, Bull Head Street, Wigston, and Oadby Methodist Church. South Leicester has the greatest need and donations, as suggested by Oadby, will be split three quarters to them and a quarter to Oadby.

Requests for food parcels have gone up massively through the Coronovirus crisis. Prior to the crisis, South Leicester foodbank provided 250 packages a month but now they need 300 a week. We are so lucky, having so much, but so many have so little, including many people who have never previously had to visit a food bank.

We will establish what is required most urgently closer to each collection, but the current list can be seen below. If you have any spare items on the list that you can donate, or can add some to your shopping, it could make such a difference to someone.

Given many of us cannot go far at present, in the same way other charities collect, we thought we would set a time and date for the collection of donations directly from outside your home. So, anyone who wishes to, please place a bag of items outside your house, where it is visible, on the date given. It will be a monthly collection. A volunteer will then drive around and collect them, before taking them on to the food banks.

If, going forwards, you wish to volunteer to collect the bags and deliver to one of the food banks, then please let Carolyn know through the Whatsapp group or by e-mail.

Finally, South Leicester Food Bank support us and surrounding villages. If you know anyone who needs their help, they are very keen to do all they can.


The Leicester South Foodbank website has a page about how to donate and, importantly, what is urgently required. This is kept up to date.