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Burton Overy Village Defibrillator

Defibrillator Training

BOPC is supporting an evening in the village hall on Thursday 22nd November 2018, 7pm, to help you learn to effectively and confidently administer Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and operate the community Defibrillator. Our thanks to our local resident GP, Caroline Ramsey, who has very kindly agreed to lead on teaching CPR.

This is a free event, aimed solely at enhancing confidence in undertaking CPR and operating the defibrillator. Do come along and learn more about these vital life saving steps in a calm, controlled environment that may prepare you for a much more stressful situation should you need to help someone in an emergency.

The village defibrillator is now available for use if needed.

The defibrillator is located to the right hand side of the village hall, clearly marked with a sign on the wall. The unit is unlocked and is readily accessible day or night. Have a look and familiarise yourselves with its location.

There are a number of persons trained to conduct CPR (CardiopulmonaryResuscitation) and defibrillator use but it is important to know that you do not need to be trained to use a defibrillator – it is an automatic system that quite literally talks you through what to do.

The list of trained persons with their location is with the defibrillator and shown below.

Should you be in a situation requiring urgent first aid and the defibrillator, there are some basic steps to take:

  • Check for any danger to yourself or others;
  • Call 999 - the ambulance service will talk to you and provide immediate support. They are aware of our defibrillator and its location.
  • More important than the defibrillator at this stage is the provision of CPR – this can keep a patient alive by ensuring oxygen from chest compressions can reach the brain and heart whilst an ambulance and trained person travels to you; Chest compressions are more important than breathing into a patient - the ratio of chest compressions is 30 compressions to 2 breaths;
  • Ensure a trained person is called to come straight to you to help;
  • Call for help from someone who can fetch the defibrillator from where it is located - the external right hand side of the Village Hall– this may or may not be the trained person depending on location - their focus will be on helping the patient;
  • A trained person, once informed, will assist by ensuring CPR and operating the defibrillator; but as stated above, you will be able to operate it if needed with no risk of causing harm. Don't forget the 999 Operator is there to assist.
  • Should you need to start the defibrillator - just press the start button. The unit will instruct you to remove the sealed pack of chest pads from the slot at the bottom of the unit from where they are attached by an electrical lead. It will talk you through where to place the 2 pads on the patient, and will then analyse to assess if it is necessary to deliver an electrical shock to the patient's heart; only if it is necessary will it tell you which button to press. It may repeat the process




Tracy Gregson

07831 226197
0116 259 2036

Top end Scotland Lane

Graham Thompson

07788 795082
0116 259 2074

Main Street, behind the pub

Liz Sturgess

07521 415375
0116 259 2049

Townsend Street area

Helen Johnson

0116 259 2074

Rectory Lane
Scotland Lane

Carol Castleman

0116 259 3934

The Chestnuts
Carlton Lane

Graham Inchey

0116 291 5772

Main Street, close to the pub

Steve Rankine

07918 175104

Main Street
Bell Lane

Carolyn Carson

07500 932911
0116 259 3736

Main Street - phone box

Norma Hillas

0116 259 3309

Rectory End
Elms Lane

Simon Barre

07903 550112

Baileys Lane

Please note that the village has a number of test dummies on which CPR can be practised by anyone who wishes to, and there will also be opportunities to learn how to deliver CPR, and to familiarise yourself with the defibrillator, in the coming months